santa christmas dog

With Christmas only a few days away, did your four-legged friend make Santa's list? Is there a new bone with a bow, a fresh tennis ball or a bag of bacon-flavored strips sitting under the tree?

According to a recent survey, more than 70 percent of dog owners in the U.S. will buy their pup some sort of holiday treat to open on Friday.

And, on average, New Jersey residents appear to be pay out more for their pooch than any other state. The survey, which polled more than 3,000 people, says dog owners in the Garden State pony up $30.01 per pup to include them in their Christmas traditions.

New Yorkers pays the second most per pooch, $29.55, while in Kentucky it seems dogs aren't man's best friend. The southern state comes in dead last of Christmas canine spending, only buying their pup $8.63 worth of holiday goodies.

Most do it to show their love for their little mutt, while others just do it cause its fun or they want their pup to feel like part of the family.

What about you? Does your mutt make out like a bandit on Christmas with a brand new toy, collar or outfit? Or does he just he just get a special plate of leftovers?



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