It’s not everyday you see a pink dog.

This is one of those days.

Someone left a pink-colored boxer and her brother at the night drop-off of the Animal Friends of the Valleys shelter in Wildomar, Calif., last week.

But the pink was no canine fashion statement.

They were left behind with no note, no explanation. But the shelter folks quickly discovered that both dogs suffered from a treatable, common skin condition called demodex mange. The infestation of tiny, cigar-shaped, eight-legged mites cause hair loss — leaving all that pink skin showing — and pain.

Both dogs seemed sad. The shelter folks named the 10-month-old dog Asia. Her 2-year-old brother became Artie, according to People.

“I felt so badly for Artie and Asia when I first saw them,” Jennifer Glover, a registered veterinary technician at the shelter, told People.

“They were very sweet when they arrived but they were depressed. Within just one day of having someone care for them here, they were so much happier and more outgoing.”

Medicated shampoo and pain management got the dogs feeling better, as much as was possible. Shelter officials said Asia has a heart murmur and Artie will need some eye surgery once his skin heals.

The Last Chance at Life rescue group in Oceanside — which referred to the dogs as “horribly neglected” — took in the siblings and reportedly has interest in them from a family that recently lost one of its own boxers to cancer.

“Fear not, for we are dedicated to giving these two the best possible medical treatment followed by the best forever homes we can find for them,” the rescue group pledges on its Facebook page.

Source: Kansas City Star