ph2-1The Pooch Hotel in Sunnyvale CA is the nation's most expensive dog hotel, with their priciest "Palace Suites" coming in at a steep $100 per night per pet. Even if they share a room.

The premise is that pets are like children to many families and so the idea of leaving them behind to wallow in stress and misery while rest of the family vacations just isn't an option. Pooch Hotel offers several different levels of accommodations: the Palace Suites measure 12' x 10' or 20' x 15' for $100/night, Presidential Suites are 9' x 9' for $75/night, and Junior Suites run 5' x 7' for $50/night. All include luxury bedding but the top two tiers also include cable tv and webcams in the room so owners have access to viewing their pet anytime they have access to the internet or a smartphone. The hotel also offers additional services like a "Spaw" where pets can get pawdicures, facials, and even hair coloring (graying muzzles anyone?), a pool for swimming, land and water treadmills, and a limo service for pick-up and drop-off.

One would think such lavish indulgences would be suffering due to the current recession but apparently not, as the owner reports it's not unusual for patrons to drop several thousand dollars just for the peace of mind of leaving their dogs in a safe and happy environment. In fact the California Pooch Hotel location boasts a 99% occupancy rate for its four $100 Palace Suites and an expansion is in the works to almost double occupancy and go from 69 rooms to 133.



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