The Definition of Luxury Is the Freedom to Choose

Today's urban pets are truly fashionable animals. Owners indulge in almost all forms of luxury, from cat walk clothing and jewelry, to upscale elegant furniture. In today's society, where beauty and style express unspeakable taste, people with beautiful homes tend to not want their pets sleeping on mundane generic beds. This idealism that our pets deserve the best, can result in the most discriminating taste for those who care deeply about their extended members of the family. Creating such marvelous pieces can be achieved with the correct use or implementation of regal colors, quality fabrics and textures. Colors that exude luxury stem from dark hues like pink, fuchsia, midnight purple and even copper in silk and velvet. Today's pet furniture can fit uniquely in any house decor and design, from the most Elegant European classic, to the sleekest urban loft.


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