Acid Yellow. Sticky Green. Runny Brown. Wet red. While all of these are perfectly fine colors, you probably wouldn’t want them tattooed on the plush carpet you spent hundreds, maybe thousands on. But we all know how often Fido has his little “accidents” from time to time, and maybe you have the stains to prove it. (How many times have you gone to someone’s house and smelled that ‘urine-smell’? That’s why).
If you ask the Average Joes with dogs, most of them don’t know how to handle the dogs-with-carpet situation; in fact, many people opt for cheap, brillo-pad quality carpet so they won’t care about stains. Thankfully, though, we don’t have to make that sacrifice. Pataski Edmondson, owner of All Seasons CarpetCare in Sandy Springs, Ga., has a few words of advice, one of them being this: “Worry more about urine stains.” That’s because urine has acid contents that are quickly absorbed by carpet (hence the sour-smell issue mentioned above). Of course, urine, vomit, or feces are unwanted. That’s why Edmondson, who owns a Silky Terrier (he’s a family man), has shared these tips you’ll find useful:

1.    To remove the stain, most times you can use a half-teaspoon of dish detergent mixed with some warm water, and apply that to the stain to remove it. NOTE: This only works when you do it within moments of the stain happening.  After two days, have a professional take care of it.

2.    There’s no price tag on good training. If you regularly train the pup to urinate in a proper place, lots of “accidents” can be avoided.

3.    You especially need professional technicians if your dog is urinating in the same spot; your pet will continue to smell the urine odor and trace it if you don’t have it completely removed.

4.    It’s good to have a certified technician clean your carpet every six months or so, just to keep your carpet up to condition. It’s always good to ask about the methods they use to get rid of stains.  All Seasons CarpetCare uses Urine Extraction, where a chemical called enzyme is used to saturate stains down to the core; then a tool called a water claw is used to pull all liquids, including the chemical, out of your carpet. Actually, the whole process can be done in five minutes.

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