marleyWASHINGTON HEIGHTS (WABC) -- 7-year-old Mia Bendray was heartbroken after her beloved dog Marley was snatched from the streets as she and her family shopped on Christmas Eve in Washington Heights.

While it may be a cliché, the ending to the story is a Christmas miracle - the thief tried to sell the dog, a Good Samaritan bought it, police arrested the bad guy, and now the pet is back home for Christmas.

Thanks to a woman who loves dogs, and the vet who runs Gramercy Park Animal Hospital, the stolen dog back with its family. At first, the vet couldn't immediately find the family, because they hadn't registered the injected microchip.

Marley was last seen being dognapped outside La Rose foods at 176th and Broadway. The next day, Good Samaritan Tina Cohen ran into the thief who tried to sell Marley on the street.

"I said 'that's not right on Christmas - I only have 100 dollars'," Cohen said. Cohen got more cash and bought Marley while others called police, who then arrested 29-year-old Brandon Bacon, who was apparently the same man who was caught on surveillance camera taking the dog.

Cohen then brought Marley to her Gramercy Park vet, who then scanned a microchip and eventually found the owner. They all reunited on Christmas Day.

"This year, I just wanted my dog back!" said Mia.