mileybeanMiley Cyrus got a new pet and is sharing the love. Over the weekend the entertainer has been pumping out pictures of her little Chihuahua mix on Twitter. Sharing a very joyous part of her life with the fans, the picture of the new dog with Miley's sister on Sunday revealed just how important the dog is to the entire family. Naming the puppy Bean, the dog is so small she can be taken anywhere in a miniature carrier.

“I can't handle this. U know I'm a complete crazy dog lady so you could imagine what's happening to me right now,” tweeted Miley Cyrus from her official Twitter account on Sunday. The entertainer is definitely attached to the puppy and even declared her love for the dog. “I love my little Bean so much.”

While the fans watch the entertainer find joy in a new adopted pet, thousands of people are now thinking about adopting a pet too. As Miley Cyrus opened her home for the four legged creature out of the goodness of her own heart, it seems that other humans are thinking about adoption too. In what has become a teaching moment, it appears Miley Cyrus is actually showing people how much goodness is found in the process of adopting an animal.

With millions waiting at shelters for homes across America, the star’s message is being seen and is obviously far more effective than those sappy homeless dog commercials put out by organizations. Plus, with every picture she has posted, the reminder of the responsibility that comes with owning a dog is shared with the world.

Take a look at the pictures of Miley Cyrus’ new dog Bean. While the small dog might have been Miley’s happy puppy, it appears she is influencing the fans too.