britneyspearslacyloo“Britney Spears has REALLY gone to the dogs — LITERALLY!” begins a piece from the National Enquirer, which claims the pop star is “so upset over her bust-up with fiance Jason Trawick“ that she’s been “hoarding pets to fill the emotional void.”

A so-called “source” tells the tab, “Britney goes on pet shopping sprees when she feels like her life is spiraling out of control.”

The purported “insider” alleges, “The problem is that when she gets a new animal, she doesn’t do anything to take care of it and just passes the responsibility over to her house staff.”

The Enquirer notes that Spears’ new puppy Lacy Loo “needed an emergency run to the vet’s office on Feb. 18,” and quotes the supposed spy as saying, “Britney hadn’t had the new puppy two weeks before it broke its leg roughhousing with the kids.”

Oh, please.

Spears got a new dog after she split from Trawick, so that means she’s using animals to fill the void in her love life?

Her puppy had an accident while playing, so that translates to Spears being an irresponsible pet owner?

This story is totally unfair, not to mention completely ridiculous.