With the New Year approaching, here are five resolutions that will ensure a more healthy and happy life not only for our canine companions, but also for ourselves.

1. Make a Date with Your Vet
Yearly examinations and vaccinations are a key component of good preventive care.  Visiting your vet provides the opportunity to be proactive about medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or obesity are common in aging pets and much easier to manage when detected in the early stages of the disease process. Veterinary visits are also the perfect time to ask for advice, update your pet’s food, or get an expert opinion on any behavioral issues that may be affecting your bonding with your pet.

2. Be Mindful of Your Dog's Diet 
Your dog's diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy. If you feed your dog or a low-quality diet, it could upset his digestive tract and impact his overall long-term health. Also make sure it's food provides all necessary nutrients for thier current stage of life. It's also a great idea to avoid food and treats containing bad ingredients like by-products, preservatives and chemicals. Sidoop offers a wide range of healthy dog treat options.   


3. Exercise
It's reported that more than 45% of dogs are obese or overweight. Overweight pets are at risk for diseases and health problems, which regular exercise can help prevent. Dog owners tend to walk about twice as much each week than non-dog owners, keeping both of you healthy. Remember, “a tired dog is a good dog.” Exercising your dog can also ward off bad behavior.

 4. Take a Training Class
 No dog is too old for training classes and neither is the owner. Even if you think you know how to train your dog – or your dog is so great he doesn’t need training – take a class. You’ll meet new people, and I guarantee you and your pup will learn something new. And if you’re still of the “alpha dominance” mindset – run to your nearest positive training facility and sign up for a class! Besides, there are lots of fun classes you can take that will help build your relationship with your pup. Try agility or fly ball or rally obedience!


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