Fans often see the human side of celebrities and professional sports icons through their choice of pets. Why? Pet choice is often reflective of the celebrity owner -- how they perceive themselves and those around them, what qualities they prize, and other personal characteristics.

LeBron James, hailed the world over as an NBA "big dog," chose one of the largest and strongest dog breeds available, the Cane Corso. When he purchased two Cane Corsos from Scandifio Cane Corsos, Lebron placed himself among the company of celebrity clientele, including Tracy Morgan, Patty LaBelle and many professional athletes.

In a 2008 interview featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and their dogs, LeBron James spoke fondly of his Cane Corso, King (his only dog at the time), saying, "I guess you could say that King has the same personality as I have. He’s big and he looks fierce, but you know, he’s just a lot of fun and very playful. Yeah, you could say that he's like me."

Speaking of his first Cane Corso, King, LeBron James described the breed's personality this way: "Cane Corsos are real playful, they’re very active. They're really good with kids." With endorsements like that, maybe one day these dogs will become as well-known as their celebrity owners.


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