Spring is in the air and Easter is a wonderful holiday. Remember that your pets will be curious about new items you bring into your household like Easter lilies, Easter grass and chocolate. Keep them a safe distance away from your pets' reach and enjoy the holiday and the season.

1. Put Away The Chocolate Bunnies

Small amounts of theobromine, the ingredient in chocolate that is toxic to pets, can cause vomiting and restlessness. Large amounts can be fatal.  And any treats containing xylitol an artificial sweetener used in many candies, chewing gum and baked goods—may be toxic too!

2. Beware of Easter plants.

Popular easter plants like the cyclamen and tulip can be toxic for dogs causing vomiting and diarrhea. Lillies, especially the Easter lilly  even if eaten in small amounts can cause kidney failure and death. 

3. Avoid Using Decorations

String, yarn and Easter tinsel can be dangerous if ingested. Pets love to nibble colorful plastic grass, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration.

4. Egg Hunts At Your Discretion 

Crowds can be overwhelming to your dog. Loud noises, sudden movements by small children and large groups of people can be highly stressful to pets. Your pet may prefer to hang out in a quiet area of the house during the family egg hunt or dinner celebration.

5.  Easter Eggs (plastic and real) Aren't for Dogs

Boiled eggs can cause an upset stomach and constipation in your dog, especially if they eat the egg shells. If your dog swallows an egg whole, surgery may be needed to remove it from blocking the intestinal tract. If you are using boiled eggs for an Easter egg hunt and some don't get found, your dog may go on a search of his own and eat a spoiled egg. This also causes problems for their intestinal tract.

Plastic Easter eggs can cause problems for your dog's intestinal tract as well, since they can't be digested. It's possible that the plastic will pass through the dog's digestive system and come out intact, but it can also get stuck and require surgery in order to be removed.

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