More than 10,000 pet-loving attendees were informed, entertained and amazed during the 5th annual Atlanta Pet Expo at the Georgia International Convention Center located in Atlanta,Ga. The event boasted many exhibits ranging from rescue organizations with opportunities for adoption, animal care services providing low-cost vaccinations,  to obedience demonstrations and even the world's largest mobile pet studio fitted for photos with your four-legged companion. Exhibits also included the latest in pet products, a costume contest and a special appearance by Shorty Rossi (and his pit bull, Hercules), star of ‘Pit Boss’ on Animal Planet! caught up with Amazing Pet Expos' vice president of events and show production, Ethan Barnett for a quick roundup of the day’s four-legged affair.


Unleash: How does Amazing Pet Expos impact the pet community?:

Barnett: The Atlanta Pet Expo impacts the community through their mission of making people better pet companions. We work with a variety of local mom and pop pet vendors as well as community advocates, rescue organizations and shelters and various other outlets. An Amazing Pet Expo also affords pets and companions to socialize and have fun in a very active space. We fully support rescue based adoptions, positive reinforcement training, non-aversive techniques, and strive to influence pet companions everywhere to follow these pet trends. In addition, our shows facilitate over 200 adoptions from local organizations and provide hundreds of low-cost immunizations to community pets.


Unleash: What prompted Amazing Pet Expos to hold an event in Atlanta?

Barnett: The Atlanta market is a wonderful pet community with a wide array of pet companions and needs an event like this to bring everyone together. We had a number of requests to bring our show to the area and it has grown over the years to reach the size and scope that it currently has. With the addition of a 2 day show next year, we will be able to continue to build upon the successes of our show and the thriving Atlanta Pet community.


Unleash: How many people attended the event? How many sponsors, exhibitors?

Barnett: Over 120 exhibitors and sponsors. 10,000 attendees. 


Unleash: What was your most memorable presentation or exhibition at the Atlanta Pet Expo?

Barnett: Honestly, there were so many things that stood out. I saw attendees enjoying the Swift Paws Lure Course, the Doxie Derbies, I saw multiple pets find a forever home and nothing compares to that experience. On-stage, Shorty, the "Pit Boss" Rossi and Deirdre Franklin, Founder of Pinups for Pitbulls stood out in support of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), taught becoming better pet companions and presented moving topics. There were also a couple of presentations directed towards supporting military members and their pets, which is often overlooked but very important.


Unleash: What can a newbie expect while attending an Amazing Pet Expo?

Barnett: An Amazing Pet Expo is a pet lovers' paradise. It is a sensory experience and a bonding experience with or without a pet. You can interact with hundreds of representatives from the pet industry, test new products, ask behavioral or health questions, get low cost immunizations or nail trims for your pet, learn how to socialize your pet and more. An Amazing Pet Expo is a one of a kind event taking place in multiple cities across the country.


Unleash: In anticipation of next year's expo, when and where will the event be held?

Barnett: The event details will be available on the website for more information.




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