Like humans, dental health is important to dogs. Our canine companions can suffer from periodontal disease, gingivitis, tartar and plaque. No fear! Unleash has provided 5 oral hygiene tips that will better your dog's overall health and as an added bonus, give your furry friend a dazzling smile.

At-Home Oral Check 
Dental diseases work their way slowly into your dog's mouth. Since a dog's breath never really smells good, owners often miss the signs of dental disease. Every week, at least once, lift the dog's lips upwards and check the gums and teeth. If there is brown scum on the teeth, your dog needs a brushing. If there are lacerations or ulcers on the gums, see your vet immediately.

Brush Regularly 
It is always better to take preventive care of your dog's teeth. Ideally it is recommended to brush daily, but even 3-4 times per week is helpful. Make sure you use a brush and toothpaste that is designed for pets.  Human toothpaste can be toxic and may also upset their stomachs.

Chew Toys
Get your dog some soft chew toys. These are important to maintain your dog's oral health. Chew toys can be especially helpful when the dog is teething. Your pet store may also have some chew treats in store. These too can massage the gums and keep tartar away. Giving your dog a chew toy can also keep it from gnawing at other objects, which are often harmful to the soft gums and may cause lacerations.


Special Food for Oral Health
If you have noticed formation of plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth, consult your vet and get your dog some specially formulated food. These foods are fortified with nutrients that improve oral health. In addition, they also help prevent tartar and plaque buildup. You can also improve oral health by not giving your dog any table scraps. Instead focus on chewy treats specially formulated to improve dental hygiene in dogs.

Have a Professional Cleaning
Just as your teeth need the care of a dental hygienist, your dog's teeth need such professional care too. From time to time, have your dog groomer take a look at your dog's teeth. Some vets also provide teeth cleaning services for dogs. If you take your dog to a groomer occasionally, make teeth cleaning a part of the routine too.

There are a thousand products available from toothbrushes to water additives that can help administer dental hygiene for dogs. However, most experts agree that a little caution and attention from pet owners can go a long way in maintaining great oral hygiene. When you care for your pets well, you can afford the cleansing routine simple. If you see oral problems beyond your control, you can always check with your vet.


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