Bulldigge Nation Portrait

So, Bulldogges. For those of you who call one “family” you know what I'm talking about! Skin: Itchy, scratchy and dry. Who would ever think such a ruggedly built pup could be so sensitive? Not to say all Bulldogges have issues, but they are certainly prone to them. It is such a unique breed full of joyful hilarity, gobs of love, and slobber. It's so hard to watch them suffer.

When I became a "New Bulldogge Mom" I didn't know much about them except that they were known to be wonderfully affectionate, loyal, stubborn at times, and a lover of all things.

My dog suffered from chronic ear infections. I made a zillion (slight exaggeration) visits to the vet, and spent a huge amount on prescriptions (not an exaggeration), only to have the infection return. I was extremely frustrated and felt so bad for my poor pup. One night I actually dreamed that I started my own Natural Pet Care line. I didn’t feel comfortable with all the chemicals I was putting in my dogs’ ear, never mind the fact that they only helped temporarily. I decided it was time to become more proactive in my pets healthcare.

My love for animals knows no bounds. As a child my sister and I would bring home stray dogs, cats and even mice. Apparently the apple didn't fall far from the tree because my mother took in everything we brought home, excluding the mice (she had her limits). Growing up in New York City surrounded by concrete was not conducive to my passion for animals and being an avid horse person, New York City was no longer the place for me. So, I picked up and moved to the beautiful state of Vermont in the hopes that I would some day be able to surround myself with animals. With this love for animals, and the issues with my guy, I signed up for school to get my certification in Natural Pet Care.

benno and django resovoir unleash

Going back to school was something I'd never thought I'd do. Being a Graphic Designer by trade, I yearned to do something that would help animals and their parents. So the decision was an easy one. I read, I researched, read some more. The idea that I was going to be able to help my dog and others like him made me feel so good. Excited to start developing my own products that would be safe, effective and natural, I focused on wound care and skin issues. I wanted something more than a nose and paw balm and felt an all-purpose balm would cover a lot of territory. Imagine, one balm for everything!

Once I received my certification, I went to my little kitchen in Vermont and began working on my maiden product Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm. My goal was to create a natural alternative for ALL breeds of all ages that was ultra healing, that didn't break the bank, or have harsh chemicals.

In my research and development of Miracle Balm, I carefully selected ingredients that are ultra soothing and healing. Along with the help of a fabulous natural chemist, I discovered a little known ingredient called Micro Silver. You may have heard of Colloidal Silver: Dating back to the early 1800s, before antibiotics were developed, it was used for bacterial infections, wound care, and as an anti-microbial.

When I learned about this unique and spectacular ingredient, I was intrigued! Unlike Colloidal Silver, made with nano particles, Micro Silver is made with, well, micro particles. The most important difference being, micro particles, unlike nano particles, are too large to enter the bloodstream. It’s great for treating wounds, bacterial infections, and a myriad of skin problems. A long lasting, broad spectrum antimicrobial, Micro Silver forms an invisible film on the surface of the skin. Even after other ingredients are absorbed, Micro silver particles remain on the skin surface and continue to provide antimicrobial cleansing. I needed this in my balm! I knew that this could have a big impact on the way we treat our dogs’ skin issues and wounds in a natural and gentle way! So, Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm was born!

Now, the proud parent to my horse Jack (a rescue) and two Leavitt Bulldogs I continue on with my quest to help our four-legged friends, I feel excited about discovering new and healthy ways to care for my pups as well as yours. It truly is, and continues to be, a labor of love.

Katherine Lucas is the CEO of Bulldogge Nation Natural Pet Care Products. She is certified in Natural Pet Care and developer of Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm. Katherine is mom to Jack, her rescue Morgan and Benno and Django, her Leavitt Bulldogs. She is also mother to her son Luke, an Iraq War Veteran. Bulldogge Nation is a proud supporter of K9's For Warriors who rescue shelter dogs and train them as service animals for veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.


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