Dogs cannot be bad; it is the handler who is poor. When you are taking a walk down a sidewalk, it is indeed disturbing when a dog grabs at your clean clothes. This can also happen when the dog next door leaves his tell tale marks on your front yard. Just like the kid next door who has not been taught any manners, these dogs can be compared to them.
What can you say about pets and kids who belong to homes where the adults are not responsible themselves? Sensible owners take the help of dog trainers who teaches them proper handling methods without breaking the natural spirit. Either you contact your vet office or pet store to get to meet a trainer or seek online help from a dog training book or from online dog training tips and tackle your pet problem before it goes out of hand. Owners can learn how to manage their pets from this training.
Trainers have been heard to comment that dogs are easer to train to be obedient than their handlers. When you want the dog to be leash trained, make them practice in a small area away from other distractions. Owner and other residents get irritated when these animals bark even if it is a typical occurrence. Shouting or punishing your pet for engaging in this normal communication is counterproductive – as well as confusing to the animal.

So why does a dog bark?

Often, dogs bark because they lack attention or need food and water. A barking dog can also be a strong deterrent to burglars, so completely suppressing its bark might not be in your best interest. It is not a good idea having your puppy bark, even during play if you are likely too shout at him when he barks as an adult. You could learn from your trainer how to reinforce certain behaviors in a puppy, which you desire, by giving them the occasional gift for being good.

How do you make your new puppy stop the undesired behavior?

You need to know how to reward your new puppy so they get the correct message and repeat the desired behavior or cease the less desirable traits. Remember that you can not coach a dog to adapt to certain behaviors which are not part of his genetic make-up. The best option for getting certain specific behavior is to acquire your pet from a breed which displays those traits.

When does a dog become good?

Good dog behavior can be the result of patience, determination and the love you give to the animal.


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