Does your pet dog have a tendency to bite? It's an issue that if left alone, can become a critical one. Here are a few facts that may help you understand why your dog is biting, and a few tips on how you can help your dog overcome their habit.

First of all, it is important to understand why your dog bites. The main reason is the canine instinct that all dogs have. Long ago, before dogs became domestic animals, they were wild and ran around in packs. The reason they bite is because of their instinct to dominate. Biting is a way dogs are able to show their authority and dominance over other dogs in the pack. Because of this instinct, your dog is biting in order to establish dominance and control.

Here are a few tips on stopping biting if your dog is still a puppy. When puppies bite, there may be several reasons for this. The first is that your puppy may simply be teething, and wants something to chew on. Also puppies bite when they are unsure of their rank in the "family" pack, and start biting to try to show dominance. If this is the case, you will want to show your new puppy that you are the leader and the one in control. Obedience training is a must, and it will also set a solid foundation for other doggie behavior issues and will also start your relationship with your puppy off on the right foot.

If your dog is no longer a puppy, but is considered a "teenager" (this is usually dogs from 1 to 2 years old) the training becomes a little more difficult, but it is still possible to rid your dog of this habit. Once your puppy becomes an older puppy, their cute chewing and gnawing becomes "play biting," which is rougher than before. Though the nips may not break the skin or even hurt, it must be stopped because your dog is forming bad and possibly dangerous habits. By changing various aspects of the pup's life (such as where they sleep, what toys they may play with, what time they are fed), you are able to remind your dog that you are the one in charge, and this also shows them that you will not allow them to become the dominant figure in the household. Again, formal obedience training with a professional dog trainer will do wonders; it is definitely worth the time and cost you put into it.

Once a dog reaches adulthood, the biting routine is very difficult to crack. By that time, a dog has already established its domain as the leader of the pack, and assumes authority for everything in and on your property. If the dog feels a family member is out of line, they will bite. This can be corrected, but the only reliable way is to hire a professional dog trainer that can work with you and your dog to break this biting habit.

Breaking a dog of biting is difficult and time consuming, but it is necessary; otherwise, your dog will grow up biting more and more until it becomes a serious problem. It is best if you nip it in the bud and start teaching your dog not to bite from the soonest time possible. Good luck beating the biting!


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