hiking with your dog unleash

Fall is a great time to indulge in fun activities with your pet and take in the best of the great outdoors. What many don’t know is that the year-end doesn’t have to equate to dogs being relegated indoors due to the weather.

Here are five cool things you can do with your pooch this season and make the most of what autumn has to offer:

1.    Go out for holidays: When most of us think fall, we think Halloween. Although trick or treat crowds and constant doorbell ringing can intimidate most dogs, you can have your pooch partake in Halloween celebrations, if it is sociable. Dogs that are child friendly are always a joy to take along to the homes of friends, family, and neighbors. Apart from adding to the entertainment factor, your dog may even get its share of some fun pet treats!

2.    Go on a road trip: Dogs aren’t always the first thing that come to mind when we think of a road trip, but the fact is that going on one with your furry companion can be a delight. Besides, we all need a break from a monotonous routine, so why not include your dog in your road trip plans? You can rent a cabin or set up camp in the open country. Just make it a point to pack sufficient water, food, medical aid, and other supplies for your dog as well. The Pet Jetsetter Dog Tote Bag is a great option to assist in carrying all of your dog's travel necessities.  

3.    Go hiking: Taking your dog along for a hike can be tremendous fun, but you need to do some research before getting started. For one, not many trails allow people to take dogs along, and the ones that do require owners to consistently keep their canines on a leash. You may also need to make arrangements, such as getting your own doggy bags, booties (if the hiking terrain is particularly rough or uneven), and last but not least- taking your pet for a complete health checkup prior to the hiking trip.

4.    Partake in outdoor sports: This is a really good way to not just keep yourself fit, but also ensure that your pet enjoys a good, wholesome workout too. Fall season is a nice time to play soccer with your dog. This is a simple but exciting game most kids love, so it is a plus if you have a family. If soccer is not your cup of tea, try the ever-reliable Frisbee and games like flag football. You can also take your pet along for bike excursions and skating or roller blading trips if that is more to your liking.

5.    Yard work for two: Doing yard work in fall can be dreary, but raking up all those autumn leaves with a dog for company can make things far more interesting. You can take a break every now and then and play catch or any other game with your pet to get your share of additional exercise as well.


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