The holiday season is reaching its peak with New Year’s Eve approaching and everyone is busy preparing for celebrations.

You might probably be in full holiday spirit, but do not let the festivities distract you from the needs of your dog. There is a lot of potential harm for your pet to be injured or hurt, and they depend on you to ensure their safety. Here are some tips on celebrating a safe, happy, and healthy New Year’s Eve with your loving dog by your side.

1.    Pay attention to your dog
Holiday season is a time when everyone is excited and happy, and you cannot blame dogs to catch some of the excitement in the air. Moreover, many dog owners tend to push back their dog’s exercise routine temporarily in order to prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Do not do this; keep your dog’s energy and stress levels in check. Stick to their routine.

2.    Keep your dog stress-free
A stressed dog can wreak havoc, so try to keep your dog relaxed and at ease. Follow regular exercise and feeding patterns, and make sure that you allocate some time to spend with your dog in spite of all the preparations.

3.    Do not allow your guests to share their snacks with the dog
It is not a good idea to feed dogs food prepared for humans. This includes rich gravies, buttery sauces, poultry skin, and other food items for humans can cause severe side effects for a dog. To avoid such complications, it is best to maintain your dog’s regular diet.

4.    Prepare to keep your dog at bay
If you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home or outside, prepare your dog for the day. Anticipate when your guests will arrive and plan a routine for your dog during the party. Try keeping your dog in a  separate room to stop him or her from jumping on unsuspecting guests.

5.    Stow away dangerous ingredients
If you are planning to make something special for New Year’s, make sure that you put away  ingredients quickly and keep your kitchen and preparation space neat and tidy. Chocolate, for example, is a very common toxic food for dogs.  Small amounts of it can cause problems for a dog, and large amounts can even be fatal.

6.    Put food out of reach
Keep food packages out of reach. Dog are easily excited by the smell of certain foods  and  may try to tear into its packaging.
Exposure to harmful foods is the biggest risk for dogs during the entire holiday season. Continue to practice  safe and responsible habits .

7.    Use non-toxic decorating products
It is sometimes difficult to keep your dog from ingesting things around them.  To ensure their safety  use non-toxic decorations.

8.    Keep toxic, dangerous, and delicate decorations away from dogs
Not all decorations are available in non-toxic variants. Place delicate and potentially dangerous decorations away from your pet. Be especially careful of glass decoration pieces, since dogs can injure their mouth if they chew them.

9.    Store gift wrapping materials out of reach
If you are wrapping your gifts, make sure that you place all the materials out of your dog’s eyesight and out of their reach once you are done. Keep the finished gifts out of reach too, since dogs can rip through them in excitement.

10.    Keep your home tidy
The holiday season is a busy and messy time, with a thousand things happening at once. Do not let these things distract you from the well being of your dog. Keep your home neat and tidy and vacuum more frequently than usual during the holiday season.


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