There is no end to what we  can do for our planet. This applies also for dog owners who aim to be environmentally responsible.

In the spirit of hugging our earth, Unleash offers a few helpful tips that can get you started on going green with your dog.

1.    Use eco-friendly cleaning products: If you have a doghouse for your canine friend, use environment friendly cleaning products that are devoid of toxic or corrosive chemicals. You can use non-toxic cleaning products free of phosphate not only for the doghouse but also for the rest of your house. They are eco-friendly and they keep your family and dog safe from any reactions by toxic chemicals.

2.    Use eco-friendly toys: Hemp toys and toys made with eco-friendly materials can still be great fun for your dog. You can also recycle some stuff around your house to make your own toys. Eco-friendly toys are much safer for your dog to play with because they are non-toxic. So your canine companion can tug, pull and play with them as much as it likes.


3.    Buy biodegradable pet waste bags: Using biodegradable pet waste bags is a small change for owners, but it has a big collective impact on waste accumulation. These bags prevent the dog’s waste from decomposing and contaminating landfills. They can also prevent water source contamination.

Biodegradable pet waste bags can decompose waste without toxic residues polluting the environment. Apart from their green benefits, they also prevent the odor of waste from polluting the air.

4.    Compost pet waste: On a related note, you could also compost canine waste. Pet waste is a health and environmental hazard. However, burying it underground can convert it to compost, which you can use as an organic fertilizer for your plants.

5.    Use non-toxic dog care products: Non-toxic dog care products can save your pet from accidental poisoning. From powders to shampoos, a range of various products are available at pet stores.

6.    Feed your dog a natural diet: Rather than using processed dog food, you can opt for products that are made from natural sources. For example, gently dehydrated pet foods with zero preservatives or added salt/ sugar can be a great choice for your dog.

7.    Buy eco-friendly accessories: You can buy a wide range of eco-friendly canine accessories, ranging from bedding to clothes and much more. The conventional counterparts of these products contain synthetic materials such as rubbers and plastics. The production of these materials produces a large amount of chemical residue. Additionally, they can be a threat to the environment during disposal.

8.    Donate old gear to a local shelter: If you have some of your dog's old gear lying around your home, donate it to your local dog shelter instead of discarding. Call your local shelter and see if they could use some of the things you are throwing away.

9.    Spay and Neuter Your dog: This can be a difficult choice to make, but neutering your dog can have significant benefits for the environment. It helps prevent overburdening of animal and pet shelters, and it saves energy, food, and trouble for you and your dog in the long run.

10.    Adopt a dog: If you are reading this in anticipation of buying a dog, consider adopting a furry friend from the local shelter. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are euthanized every year to keep shelters from being overcrowded, and you can do your part by adopting one.

If you want a particular breed of dog, you can find online resources that can help you find a breed specific rescue shelter near you. Pet adoption reduces the homeless animal population and lessens overcrowding at shelters.


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