Spring is around the corner and it's time to get your dog ready for the new season! To help prepare you for spring, Unleash offers the following dog care tips. 

Groom Your dog's coat. Shedding increases in the springtime as dogs lose their winter coats. Make sure to brush your dog regularly. This will help keep the shedding under control, as brushing loosens and removes dead hair and dandruff from Fido's coat. Another health benefit is relaxation. Dogs loved to be brushed, especially when started early on and done regularly. Use a brush with soft bristles that massages the skin as well as loosens up dry skin.  

                                                                                                           SIDOOP TWIST- IT PET BRUSH

 Wash  your dog’s bedding.  Use mild detergent and skip the dryer sheet (you can use vinegar in the rinse cycle for softness).  This eliminates the fur, dander, and bacteria that’s built up over the winter. Bedding should be washed every three to four months to kill any flea eggs that may be on it and also eliminates parasites. 

Maintain the yard. Check your fence and yard for hazards or holes that might have developed over the winter as well. Gate or fence in pools, ponds and even small streams to prevent accidental drowning. 

Get the right gear. Take a look at your leash and collar to make sure that they are not frayed. You don’t want your dog breaking his leash when you are out. It is a good idea to check the dog’s collar and leash for wear and tear and the proper fit. The weight gained over the winter may be just enough to cause the collar to fit too tightly. Be sure to get a replacement if needed. 

Because people become more active during the spring season, dog owners are now involving their pets in their activities. Whether it's hiking, jogging or throwing around the frisbee, having the right pet gear can increase you and your dog's enjoyment. Pet travel bagsportable water bowls, and cool fetch toys are items every dog lover should have on hand. Whatever your interests, the correct equipment makes the time spent with your pet pal that much more fun.


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