No matter how often our dogs wash themselves or we wash them, sometimes just having a dog in the house can leave a smell. Long after the stain is lifted, dog odors can linger. Follow some of these suggestions to keep from being entrenched in stench.

1. Bathing your dog regularly will help cut down dog odors. If it's too cold to bathe him, use a dry shampoo or massage some baking soda into your dog's coat and brush it out to remove odors.

2. Purchase an electronic air-cleaning system designed to remove dog odors from the air.

3. Make your own carpet freshener by combining one box of baking soda with one tablespoon of orris root (available in herb stores) that has been saturated in your favorite scented oil. Place the mixture in a glass jar and cover with a metal lid in which you've punched holes. Let it sit for a few days so that the baking soda picks up the oil scent then sprinkle it onto the carpet before vacuuming.

4. Use a window fan set on exhaust to make odor elimination a breeze.

5. Odors and stains from feces or urine are protein-based and require an odor neutralizer containing bacterial enzymes to completely eliminate them. Purchase enzyme products at discount department stores, health stores, or pet stores.


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