christmas dog

Help keep pets safe during the holiday season by following these tips to pet-proof your home.

1) Maintain Your Dog's Regular Diet- Poultry bones splinter and can be dangerous for pets to chew, and pork dishes are rich and will often upset your pet’s digestive system. Instead of human food, give pets a few of their favorite pet treats during special meals or at parties. Don’t share any candy or chocolate with your pets. Candy is toxic for animals and can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances and even death. If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate or other candy that causes discomfort, consult your veterinarian immediately. Also, keep alchoholic beverages away from your dog as they have the potential to be poisonous.

2) Be Mindful of Christmas Decorations-  Fasten the Christmas tree to a wall or secure it another way to prevent your cat or dog from knocking it over. Hang breakables, tinsel, and other tempting decorations well out of paw’s reach. Tinsel, ribbon, and ornaments are especially dangerous to pets if they chew or swallow them. Make sure your pet doesn’t play with or chew electric cords or wires.

3) Consider Using Artificial Seasonal Plants-  Because many seasonal plants are poisonous, including mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias. Also, many varieties of lillies are toxic also. Symptoms of illness form ingesting these plants include intestinal upset, such as vomiting and diarrhea, excessive drooling, and abdominal pain. Opt for artificial plants made from silk or plastic, or choose a pet-safe bouquet.

4) Create A Safe Haven for Your Dog - Pets, especially dogs, can easily be distressed by the holiday festivities.  So prepare a quiet room away from parties and family gatherings. This can be a room in your house where your pet won’t be disturbed but has all of his favorite toys, a bed, food and water. 



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