Next round’s on Rover: Busch has launched a beer for dogs.

Dubbed Dog Brew by Busch, the beer is an all-natural “beer” brewed from bone broth. There’s no alcohol or hops involved in the brew, just a melee of flavors designed to appeal to a dog’s palate, including bone-in pork butt, corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric, ginger and water.

Humans can sip on the beer, but “you may find it pretty bland,” the website urges.

Just like a regular Busch, it comes in a pop-top can. It can be used either as a refreshing treat for dogs or to soften hard food.

The company stresses it is not a meal replacement, and you should, quite obviously, not feed your dogs real beer.

"After a long day there's nothing quite like having a Busch with a friend, and with so many new pet owners across America this year, we wanted to create a brew to give our fans a chance to share a Busch brew with their 'best friend,'" Daniel Blake, Anheuser-Busch's VP of value brands, said in a statement.

The launch coincided with National Dog Day.

Busch Dog Brew will be sold strictly online, at $9.99 for a pack of four. As of right now, the brew will not be available in stores.

$1 from every case of six four-packs will go up to Best Friends Animal Society.

Source: Forbes