appIn this day and age having a mobile smart-phone is like breathing. And although we love the stylish shapes, sizes, colors and brands there is something we love much more-apps! We use apps for music, weather, food, and much more. Now we can use them for our furry friends. Unleash details 5 top applications guaranteed to compliment the lifestyle of the urban dog owner!

PetTech Pet Saver: For the concerned dog owner, the PetTech PetSaver app helps you with your Fido in case of emergencies. This app can tell you anything from how to treat a womb or what to do if your playful pal gets ticks. Of course, this is just a quick-and-easy guideline, so if something serious happens be sure to visit the veterinarian.

Price: $4.99

Dog Trainer: The Dog Trainer app allows you to train your pooch basic commands that you would want it to follow; simple rules such as sit, stand, and stop. This easy-to-use app guides dog owners step-by-step with training techniques for your canine counterpart. It is also great for the novice puppy parent who is looking to establish a wonderful relationship with their new pet.

Price: $0.99 Need reliable information about your destination when you’re traveling with your pooch?  The dog friendly App lets you plan where you want to vacation or eat with your best friend. Many hotels and restaurants don’t allow pets inside their businesses. Having this app can make it easy to find a location where your pooch is welcomed.  

Price: Free     

Dog Diet Calculator: If counting your canine’s calories is a concern, then the Dog Diet Calculator would be very useful. This handy application aids in calculating your dog’s dietary needs.  It also explains exactly how much food from each food group your pet needs to stay healthy. This app is a fantastic way to keep your dog physically fit with  proper nutrition.

Price: $0.99

Dog Food Guide: Want to know what's really in your dog's food? The Dog Food Guide app provides detailed information about how dog food is made, whether a certain brand has additives and preservatives and also factual explanations of the actual ingredient labels.  Users now can be more competent about the nutritional value of their pet's diet.

Price: $1.41



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