picHip Hop influenced style mixed with skateboard swag is an interesting concept and who better to represent such a futuristic union than Pharrell.  The  Neptune's lead singer and frontman Pharrell, has decided to partner with fashion icon Nigo to develop his own out of the world clothing line "The Billionaire Boys Club". The BBC line fist appeared in stores in Tokoyo in 2005. Now it can be found in exclusive stores in New  York, Hong Kong, Canada, England, France, Germany and Italy. The BBC brand is available only in 40 stores worldwide.  Characterized by bright vivid colors mixed with crazy designs and patterns, the collection is filled with loose fitting shirts,sweaters, jackets, jeans and shorts. With comfort and creativity in mind the Billionaire Boys Club line is undeniably themed and constructed for skater fashion and lifestyle . BBC also offers accessories including hats, backpacks and even ties. Targeted to fashion conscious urbanites  the apparel is a little pricey but yet embodies the definition of luxury streetwear.  While attracting and appealing to a younger audience the collection is endorsed by many amateur skateboarders. Kato Williams, Kevin Booker and Jimmy Gorecki to name a few. As a result of the coupling of forward thinking design with aggressive niche marketing and you can be sure the BBC line will be around for a while. Not to mention, be on the lookout for Pharrell's upcoming shoe line, Ice Cream.


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