“Tell me who your clothes are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” That saying should be timeless to men like you and me, who – contrary to popular belief – are denied by the clothes we wear. That’s not to say we’re shallow as a liquor store on a Sunday, but our clothes do speak volumes.

Butchers have butcher swag, astronauts have astro-swag, and even Arby’s chefs have Arby’s swag. Do you have boss-swag? Ask yourself sometime: ‘Do I wanna come off as a boss or a bum? A classic gentleman or a classic nolife? A professional or a pro-less-enel (ok, you get the point)? The point is this: if you want to be a successful, goal-smashing man of accomplishment (which you do), you have to dress the part. Point in hand: It’s not the amount that you have, but how you maintain what you do have. And this is the easy way to do it.

People always say, “Dress to impress on an interview.” However, the last three words should be chopped – simply because job interviews and even the workplace are not the only places we need to dress the part. That’s because you never know who you’ll meet – a cliché, yet timeless saying. Whether it be a new business partner, a potential employer, or even an elaborately beautiful woman, all of these are reasons we need to dress to impress – not the people just mentioned, but ourselves, since guess what? If you don’t highly esteem yourself, how can others? Here are a few tips to keep in mind for day-to-day hygiene and attire, regardless of your clothing budget.

Tip #1: Clean your clothes! If you don’t clean them, people can tell, contrary to popular belief, because they’ll start looking wrinkled and unkempt.

Tip #2: Shower Regularly. This may seem obvious, but when caught in the day-to-day hustle, some of us may miss a day sometimes, which leads to body odor. Showering also relaxes the body and relieves it of day-to-day stress, which helps your appearance as well.

Tip #3: Shine your shoes at least once a week, and clean your sneakers often. Kiwi products are pretty good to use, and for sneakers, I recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, available at mostly any grocery or drug stores. All you do is wet the eraser,  wipe the sneakers, and voila! Most dirt will be wiped away like magic.

Tip #4: Watch where you shine. If you like to shine and show off that gold or platinum piece and chain, it’s probably better to do it when out on the town at night, at a party, or maybe a wedding reception. For all other times, however, cut down on jewelry to maintain a professional appearance.

Tip #5: Take extra time to trim your beard/’stache (if you have one), and the same with your hair. However, it shouldn’t look like you spend hours caring for your hair, because that’s just not manly and also doesn’t look professional either.

These are all the tips for now. Times are fast and so is life’s hustle, so stay fresh and clean!


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