on610886-01vliv01As the autumn weather comes to an abrupt end, people like you and me have to get ready early for the winter. For normal people, getting ready means going out to the store and buying just any jacket that’s the latest style. But for sophisticated people like us, such novelties cannot be taken lightly.  By the way, did you know that the coat you wear tells what sort of man you are?  Here’s a breakdown of different coat styles; you might want to remember this for when the old lady takes you shopping.

Snorkel (AKA the “Eskimo jacket”): Ah, the notorious snorkel. From being sported by classics like Sean Connery to hip-hop kings Run DMC to the 40-holding loiterer at the MARTA stop, the furry-hooded wonder has had quite a history. If you want to stand out, go for a high-end version sold by Ralph Lauren or Armani. However, just hit up your nearest army-surplus store to find a rugged, high quality one for under $200.  

Trench coat (AKA the “Bogart”): It takes swag to rock a trench coat. That should be a saying.  Rock this with a suit and tie, or just a crispy collared shirt and slacks with a nice watch, and you’ll look like a CEO. Or wear a cheap black version and look like a terrorist.  

Leather Jacket (AKA the “Shaft”): Truthfully, even before its heyday in the 70s, rebels like Marlon Brando rocked this proudly. As long as you stay away from the Members Only brand, you should be good. (Although Members Only is making a comeback with the new 80s craze.) The good thing about the leather is that you don’t have to sell your soul to get a boss jacket – retailers like Wilson and Kenneth Cole sell them for the low-low.

Corduroy (the “Paddington Bear”):  The “proper” jacket, normally worn for the studious gentlemen comfortable in his own skin. TIP: Do not wear in wet weather – cheaper corduroys will get soggy as a bowl of cornflakes in warm water. Quickly.

si 24201edited1Pea coat (the “Metrosexual”): Ok, ok, well it might not seem fair to label this a “metro” jacket, given its military/Navyheritage; it’s stood its fair share of storms and battles. These days, the pea coat is regaining its mannish heritage, so if you buy one, don’t feel a need to question your masculinity . To avoid the pretty boy look, however, you might opt for a full cotton blend to keep the rugged look. Like the snorkel, the pea coat can sometimes best be found in surplus stores. 


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