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Do you have a dog lover on your list for the holidays?

With so many doggie themed gifts available, selecting the most appropriate gift can prove challenging. To make the selection process easy, Unleash presents the top 10 doggie themed gifts for pet lovers.

Sentimental and artistic to practical and whimsical, our list contains something for every type of dog lover. Have a look:

1.    Hands-free Leash

Hands-free leash are extremely useful when jogging or brisk walking with a pet. In addition, they make for a perfect gift for someone who is training his/her canine companion to walk at a pace.

2.    Walking Gear for Cold Weather

A 4-season convertible dog-walking jacket is another useful gift for dog lovers. These jackets, besides keeping the dog owner warm in cold weather, allows him/her to carry all the things one needs while walking the dog such as poop bags, iPod, phone, keys, etc.

Another walking gear for cold weather that you can consider gifting someone are boot grips for icy surfaces.

3.    Books

A dog-themed book is one gift that a pet lover who loves to read will appreciate greatly. If your giftee is tech savvy, choose a dog-themed e-book.

4.    Pet Portraits

An exquisitely done pet portrait is another beautiful gift that you can consider giving to a pet lover. All pet lovers, without exception, love to see their dogs in portraits.

5.    Digital Photo Frames and Photobooks

If the person for whom you are looking for a gift already has enough pet portraits, consider gifting him/her a digital photo frame or a photobook.

6.    Gourmet Doggie Treats

Dogs love food, so why don’t you buy some gourmet doggie treats for the pet? While shopping for gourmet doggie treats, make sure you select one made with organic ingredients. After all, your dog’s  health is paramount.

7.    Personalized Doggie Jewelry

Some dog owners love doggie jewelry. Personalized doggie jewelry can be a great gift for these pet lovers. If your friend or family member loves dog-themed jewelry, surprise him/her by presenting exquisite paws earrings, paw bead, or dog nose print necklace.

dogjar8.    Custom-made Treat Jars

A custom-made cookie jar carrying the pet’s name or a photo of the pet and pet owner is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

9.    Dog Clothes

While a great choice, ensure that gift you select will fit the pet perfectly. If this is not a surprise gift, you can take suggestions from the recipient as well.

10.    A Spill-proof Water Dish

Another gift that is sure to please dog owners is a spill-proof bowl. A spill-proof dog bowl is great for use while traveling or camping.


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