dog style

We believe no family is ever complete without a dog. But at the same time, it's not a good idea to introduce a new dog into your home without preparing the home for the new arrival first! Here are some styling ideas to make sure your home stays pet-proof, and your new pet feels right at home.

1) Floors

The best floors for dogs are tile and laminated wood, or other scratch-resistant materials that aren't absorbent. These floors are easily cleaned, and are hardy enough to withstand wear and tear.

2) Carpets

For carpets, it's been found that sea-grass rugs are more resistant to dogs' claws than sisal and other common carpeting materials. Choose rugs that are easy to clean, and invest in the best vacuum cleaner you can find.

3) Plants

Many household plants may be nice to look at, but are actually poisonous when ingested. That's bad news for dogs, who don't hesitate to chew on plants that pique their curiosity. Move all poisonous plants out of reach, and make sure your dog can't jump up to reach your hanging plants.

4) Furniture

If you can't totally do away with dog hair, then invest in slipovers and cotton coverlets for your living room furniture – they're very easily washed. Also, if you want to camouflage dog hair, look for dark, stain-resistant furniture fabric.

5) Curtains

To make dog hair less of a problem on your curtains, switch to blinds. Vertical blinds stay clean longer than horizontal blinds.

6) Dog Beds

Spray your dog's bed(s) with lavender oil occasionally, both to eliminate odors and to keep fleas away. You may also wrap the cushion with a cotton slipover that's easy to wash and/or bleach.


7) Garden

Dogs love to dig, and a hyperactive dog can wreak havoc on your home's garden and landscaping. Protect your plants by either putting fences around them, or by giving your dog a sandbox to play in. Put the dog's toys in the sandbox to encourage him to dig there, and not in your flowerbeds!

8) Fur Control

It goes without saying, but you should regularly groom your dog to keep its shedding under control. It helps to have a lint remover in every room of the house, as well.

9) Electronics

It's VERY important that all phone and electrical wires are out of Fido’s reach, as dogs find these tempting targets for chewing. Items include, but not limited to lamps, telephones, video players, aquarium apparatus, power strips, and other electronic devices.

10) Laundry Room

Finally, do be careful when you have a small dog in the house – as they easily can get stuck in cabinets, washers, and dryers. Don't leave any of these open for any length of time, and also make sure that detergents, cleaners, and chemicals are stored away safely out of the dog's reach.

As a pet owner, you should style your home for your pet's safety, before styling it for aesthics. Making sure your home is pet-friendly will help to ensure your dog's companionship for many years.


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