akc copy-1Tis’ the season to give gifts to your furry four-legged friend. Christmas is here and while you’re out shopping, share the holiday cheer with your cuddly canine. They’ve been great all year, so make a list and check out some great deals on items that will keep your wallet full and your family favorite woofing.

1. AKC Round Fur Pet Bed Bundle 3 Piece Set, 22”
AKC round pet bed set will have your precious pal living comfortably.

The bundle comes with a round bed, a pillow, and a throw. It also comes in a variety of colors, so choose the color that compliments your friend.
At Walmart.com (Price may vary inside stores)
Price: $15.00

2. Martha Stewart Pets Dog Patch Sweater or Sweater w/ Hood
Martha Stewart sweaters will keep your playful pet warm on those cold winter nights. These sweaters are fashionable enough to have your sidekick feeling like a superstar, and cozy enough to keep them playing outdoors on those chilly days.
PetSmart or PetSmart.com
Price: $21.99

3. Petnation Dog Port-A-Crate E-20
 Petnation carry bag is great when you and your precious pup are traveling for the holidays. It’s comfortable enough that your doggy will feel safe on your holiday adventures and secure enough that you won’t worry about his safety.
At Walmart.com (Price may vary inside stores)
Price: $22.00

4. Barkoff Ultrasound Training Aid-As Seen on TV
Barkoff Ultrasound is a nice product that will stop unwanted barking. Now, a dog owner can stop those sleepless nights with the touch of a button.
PetSmart or PetSmart.com
Price: $9.99

carl copy-15. Carlson Mini Gate with Pet Door
The Carlson gate is for those dog owners who want to keep their canine companion safe around staircases and other dangerous places. This gate is strong enough to withstand your energetic pooch and the gate also has a pet door built in.
At Walmart.com (Price may vary inside stores)
Price: $22.88

These hot deals will have you and your best friend smiling throughout the season. Your fido will appreciate the generosity and so will your wallet. So start shopping! Your dog will thank you.


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