Now that the bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming and April showers are bringing May flowers, it's time to have our furry friends outfitted in the coolest spring fashions. From accessories to apparel, has the ultimate style guide that will help your pooch conquer the season.

Flower Fido: Spring is the best time for your dog to get away from dark winter colors, so when the temps rise,  opt for lighter colors or floral patterns. Celebrate the season, with a flirty fancy harness dress.  Fancy Harness Dress pictured above 

Preppy Pooch: For the sophisticated pooch, try fashioning them in polo shirts with vibrant colors. If your canine companion is female, think tennis skirts and pastel tops.

Rebel with Paws: For that rebel-spirited dog, why not rock a shirt that says “I Have Paw Issues”, “Bad to the Bone” or “I Love to Bark & Roll!”? And for the undecided, you can mix a tennis skirt with a rocked out t-shirt, or a polo with rocker dog jewelery. Either way, your pup is expected to get plenty of woofs!

Collar Time: Every dog has to have a stunning collar for the springtime. Think floral prints, bright colors and striking stripes. They'll put a classic touch to all seasonal events that you and your pup attend. When you take your dog for a walk in the park, all eyes will be on them!




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