costumeGoing out for trick-or-treating can be a load of fun with the family and friends, but have you ever thought about going with your pet? A popular hobby for Halloween night is exploring the haunting night with your pet. Dog’s can be cute originally, but with their Halloween costume on they can be a little more adorable. Some of the most popular costumes for pets are Yoda, a bumblebee and a horse. Other favorable costumes are a pirate, super dog, batman, prisoner dog, a skeleton dog and a ghost dog. Your average dog costume ranges from prices of $10 to $20 and include most of the amenities for the costume, including capes, mittens and hats.

    Taking a dog out for Halloween festivities can be fun but there are a some precautions to take to make sure your pet is safe with their costume. So here are some tips for tricking out your pet according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The costume should never restrict an animal’s movement or hearing or prevent the animal’s ability to breathe, bark or meow. If by chance your pet seems distressed, allergic or gives off an abnormal feedback due to the costume, consider switching to another costume. Another precaution is to make sure the costume does not have small, dangling pieces that can be easily chewed or eaten by your pet so that he/she does not choke. Also make sure that any non-harmful dangling objects on the costume cannot easily snag on anything. This can lead to a serious injury for your pet.

    If you are having a hard time getting your pet to enjoy the costume, try giving the animal something it can relate the experience of wearing the costume as pleasurable. Giving a treat while placing the costume will show the pet that the experience of wearing a costume is not meant to be harmful. An important fact to know is to always make sure that your pet has an identification tag on while out and about. Halloween can hold plenty of tricks and a dog dashing into the night is no surprise. Make sure the owner’s address and phone number are visible on the tag.

    Other than these safety tips for the festive Halloween night, there are no limits to the amount of fun awaiting your costume for your pet. There are even sexy outfits for you and a female dog to wear. For example, some exotic outfits becoming more popular for dogs and their owner to dress up in are sexy red doll outfits, the naughty French maid and the blue fairy tale costume. Watch out Britney Spears as the schoolgirl outfit is also a well-known costume for dogs to rock. In all, there are almost endless possibilities for you and your pet to have for this year’s Halloween fun.



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