10a26c10-2b26-8dfe-f973-60ccece1e520-rtr08 RichInfamous 8Snoop is notorious for his West Coast flavor. Everything from his “Fo Shizzle” slang to his laid back demeanor announce him as one of the most intriguing, hardcore rappers today. With his resources and creative ideas, Snoop Dogg has done it again. One of the most well-known gangster rappers of our time has created a fashion epidemic, which has dog lovers everywhere getting excited. In addition to his new clothing line, Snoop has created apparel for dogs as well. In 2006, Snoop began his own clothing line for his fans called “Rich and Infamous”. The clothing line was a huge success as he sold hundreds of his apparel online.

    However, Snoop felt that he wanted his urban style of clothing to go a little further. He made something for the canine lovers as well. After all, he is the king of the dog world! Snoop teamed up with a company by the name of JPI Pets which is formally known as JAKKS Pacific, Inc. JPI Pets is a multi-brand organization that designs and markets toys and other consumer products. As a team, Snoop and JPI Pets created a wide range of dog toys and dog outfits for canine lovers everywhere. The official release of the clothing line was November 21, 2006. Snoop’s dog apparel was first sold on Amazon.com. He wanted to see how well the clothing line would sell at first as he put clothing for sale online. Once the dog apparel took off at an incredible rate, Snoop opened up to major retailers in the Spring of 2007. It isn’t clear as to which retailers Snoop teamed up with. Due to the recession, Snoop had to put some his marketing and connections with retailers on hold.

JPI Pets wanted to make sure that the toys for dogs were safe and affordable. The toys for dogs can range from prices of $5 to $9. Some of the toys include a DJ Headset, Boom Box, Dogg Bone and Football. All of the toys are double stitched and made from durable plush and ballistic fabrics, which makes playtime safe for your dog. As far as the clothing line for dogs go, Snoop wanted to stay true to his urban roots. Just to name a few of the clothing that come with this new dog line they include outfits like Basketball Jerseys, animal print Faux Fur Coats and Doggfather Hoodie Sweatshirts. All of the clothes come in a considerable variety of sizes from extra small to extra large. Retail prices run from $13 to $25.

    If selling over 17 million records in your career is not enough, this new clothing line for dogs is certainly a new height for Snoop. Reaching male audiences of 18-35, Rich and Infamous clothing line includes clothes such as jackets, satin bombers and of course, hoodies. So if you want to match outfits with man’s best friend in style, Snoop Dogg has got you covered.


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