Finding the right furniture for your home can be hard. Finding the right furniture for the pet in your home can be even harder. Wired cages and sliding doggie bowls scratch the floors of your home and make loud noises as they move. Finding a spot in the house for a wired cage that goes well with coloring schemes of the room or one that doesn’t take up a lot of space is hard to do. What if one could buy stylish furniture that could suit you and your pet? This was the inspiration for the new collection of modern pet furniture by Urban Pet Haus.


“We want people to tell us what we need to do to get the right products to the right people,” stated Marty Watts, one of the owners and creators of Urban Pet Haus. Watts came up with the idea to combine animal furniture with a modern day feel.“Enough of those wired cages, we wanted to give people a more homely feel with their animal furniture,” says Watts.
dwellings1Currently, Watts and his company are featuring dog and cat furniture and plan to develop new designs for other animals such a fish tanks and drinking fountains. Types of furniture in the  Urban Pet Haus collection include: crates, dwellings (dog and cat), perches, feeders and of course pet stairs. In keeping with the overall style, the materials used to construct the designs are made with fine wood and metal.
Among all of the creations by Urban Pet Haus, the pet stairs are the most popular. Many people own small animals and jumps from couches and beds can seriously cause damage to the animal’s limbs or spine. Therefore, these stairs, which are wooden, are a perfect addition to your animal’s health and survival. Little dogs can run and walk up these stairs to get to their high destinations. The great thing about the furniture that Urban Pet Haus produces is that it is always at an affordable price. “We want prices to be for everybody, so that they can afford them. We want everybody to have the ability to own a piece of our furniture,” stated Watts. “Most of the furniture created can run no more than a couple hundred dollars. Some of the pet stairs go for $99. We try to keep prices to stay under 100 dollars,” says Watts.

Urban Pet Haus is in its early stages of production and has recently launched their website. According to Watts, the company is already receiving orders for over a hundred pieces of furniture. Many people are looking to accommodate their pets these days and now with the help of Urban Pet Haus, they can do it with style.

For more information visit Urbanpethaus.



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