neater-feeder"Don't blame your pet, blame your bowl." Easy for the Neater Feeder people to say. With a 90-pound Golden Retriever whose middle name is Slobber-Puss, I was anxious to try the patented feeding dish with the logo, "Spoil the pet. Spare the floor."

A simple construction that basically provides a dish with a perforated drain and an overflow catch basin below, it is nonetheless nothing short of brilliant. Sign me up, no more wiping up the wood floors or having the mat under the dish get sopping wet. It also eliminated my Mommy Dearest moments whenever my son would inadvertently kicked the water dish with his foot or roll his soccer ball into it. The water still spilled with the Neater Feeder dish during these family life moments, but immediately drained into the basin below and protected my distressed cherry-wood flooring from yet another encounter with water that destroys.

The sample product sent by Neater Feeder was the small size, which retails for $34.95, so despite our Golden's desire to use it, possession was immediately claimed by our 20-pound Poodle-Bichon mix rescue -- another messy eater who tends to distribute food with abandon at mealtime. Again, what she spilled just dropped into the catch basin and we weren't stepping on hard little dog food kernels, crushing them and grinding them into the hardwood floor.

The Neater Feeder is made of recyclable polypropylene plastic and has protective walls to contain splashes and spills from eager eaters and the lower reservoir can safely hold more than an entire bowl of spilled water until you're ready to dump it. The product has non-skid feet so it stays in place instead of being pushed by a dog nose around the floor at mealtime, leaving scratches and scrapes. The small Neater Feeder for dogs has two one-pint bowls. A one-pint bowl holds about 1.5 cups of dry dog food, approximately the recommended daily feeding amount for a 20-35 pound dog. The larger size has two 2-quart bowls. A 2-quart bowls holds up to six cups of dry food.

The large size of the product retail for about $65. There are extension legs that can also be purchased to raise the height of the dish to accommodate your pet. They also sell Neater Feeder for cats; the product's bowls are shallower. Gee, aren't cats supposed to be neat eaters naturally?




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