Your four-legged family member deserves to enjoy the summer as much as possible, and that means looking their best. Before you roll your eyes or groan about how ridiculous it looks when Hollywood types flash their haute couture puppies like they’re accessories— remember that animal fashion also has function, especially in the summer. To ensure your dog’s summer is as safe and healthy as possible, consider investing in these fashion-forward, tail-wagging trends.

These Boots are Made for Walkin’
dog-boots-unleash-magDogs in booties are adorable, but they are also very practical in the summer heat. We tend to think of our dog’s feet as sturdy and built to withstand the seasons, but that isn’t entirely the case. The summer sun can quickly heat the pavement to temperatures hot enough to cause second degree burns on the pads of your dog’s paws. The ASPCA warns that many people think their dog’s feet are more tough than they are— that’s where booties come in. When the sun is beating down, check the street with your bare feet. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.

- For the adventure sporting dog— Try Bark n’ boots griptex by Ruffwear. These can be worn on all terrains and feature a high-performance design ($69.95 at
- For green dogs— Pawz are biodegradable, easy to slip on, adorable, and they come in packs of 12 for $14.00 (, what’s not to love? Pawz boast a minimalist design and allow your dog to move freely.
- For the hottest hot dogs— Ultra Paws Cool Boots are specially made for extremely hot temperatures and high octane days outside ($41.95 The breathable mesh makes them perfect for the beach or the pavement.

Cool Shades for Hot Dogs

dog-in-shades-unleash-magIf you’ve been to a dog friendly festival or gathering within the past few years, odds are you’ve seen a few pairs of “Doggles” here and there. Although internet writers have had a hey day criticizing this fashion trend, Doggles serve a much higher purpose than fashion and cuteness. Dogs live much longer lives and spend much more time in the sun than their predecessors, which can cause and contribute to long-term damage like cataracts. To prevent your dog from from painful eye damage, consider investing in doggles ($15.00-$20.00 on eBay) . . . and while you’re at it, why not get them a summery fashionable pair?


For The Barking Beauty: Doggie Swimsuits

Dog bikinis may not be the most practical in dog fashion, but they sure are adorable. Your dog might appreciate a Nylabone or a PetSafe pet door more, but the thought of any dog in a bikini or a Hawaiian shirt is just so darn cute. Suits or summer clothing serves more than just cuteness, however. If your dog:

- Has light skin or fur— Fur isn’t always an effective sunscreen, and your dog’s skin can be susceptible to burns and skin cancer just like humans      ( If you’re spending considerable time in the sun with your dog this summer, consider investing in a light and breathable shirt or “beach coverup” like the PlayaPup sun protective lightweight shirt ($19.00 at
- Isn’t a good swimmer or left alone near water— Dogs may have natural swimming abilities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk near water. If you take your dog boating or leave them near a pool unattended, a life jacket is worth considering. Doggy life jackets can run from $20.00-$30.00 on, and all they have to do is save a life once to be worth every penny.


Photo credits:

1) Sherri Terris via Flickr

2) Larry Grubbs via Wikimedia Commons

3) Jodie Wilson via Flickr




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