vetA trip to the vet’s clinic is always an adventure for both you and your pet. Just imagine all the sights, sounds, and smells that greet your pet the moment you step into the vet’s waiting room. And just wait until the 10 other pets in the room get excited or in some cases agitated.

Without proper training and control, the vet’s waiting room might fall into utter chaos as the pets compete for space and attention. Good thing you can always make the visit less stressful, for you, the vet, and for your pet.

1.    Use a leash or pet carrier A leash is considered a pet owner’s best friend. I gives you control of your pet as it prevents the pet from mingling with other animals in the clinic. Pet carriers, on the other hand, are best suited for smaller animals, as it gives them personal space especially if there are larger animals in the waiting room.

2.    Make way for muzzle training nowadays, most veterinary clinics advise pet owners to muzzle their pets during a visit. This is to protect the other patients, as well as the staff that will examine your pet in their landau scrubs.

 3.   Reward your pet After every trip to the vet, reward your pet with a treat if he or she behaves himself. Unless the vet has requested you not to feed your pet for specific purposes, make sure to bring treats along. This method will make your pet more at ease with the surroundings. Soon, your pet will relate every vet visit as an enjoyable experience.

 4.   Familiarize yourself with your pet’s medical records Is your pet up to date on vaccination shots? Is your pet suffering from parasites? Has your pet undergone surgeries? Keeping tabs on your pet’s medical records is very important. As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your pet gets regular visits to the vet in order to avoid possible health issues. Also, regular trips to the vet will make your pet more relaxed with office settings.

  5.  Let your pet party with other pets Proper socialization is considered as a great method of behavior training. Before each vet visit, encourage your pet to socialize with other pets, provided that they are up to date on vaccination shots. Allowing them to socialize with other pets will teach them acceptable behaviors during different settings. At the same time, your pet will learn what the boundaries of interaction are. A good way to do this is by hosting a pet party. Invite several pet owners over and serve a small picnic. Encourage your pet to interact with the other pets and their owners. You will be surprised at how good your pet will respond to you during the nest vet visit.

Following these simple tips will certainly make vet visits enjoyable for your pet. And of course, your vet will also thank you for making his job easier.


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