In all likelihood, the new puppy in the house will be the cutest thing you've laid eyes on until he chews up your favorite shoe. Unfortunately, a puppy chewing on something is a natural part of it's growing up as they start to develop those powerful jaws that nature intended as well as it's instinct to explore and experiment with it's surroundings. With that in mind, there is such a thing as good chewing and bad chewing.

Puppies will often chew on whatever it can reach and while most times, it just annoys the members of the household to see pieces or fragments strewn all over the place, it can be dangerous for the dog or puppy. For example, it may choose to chew on a live electrical cord or on a children's plastic toy and swallow sharp indigestible fragments which can cause intestinal blockage. Like other forms of dog training patience and consistency is the way to go. You cannot expect your puppy to understand it's okay to chew on an old slipper that you meant to throw out anyway while it's not okay to chew on your $300 leather shoe. It does not know the value of things, they all look the same .

The best tip is the most obvious, and that is to keep whatever you do not want to be chewed out of the puppy's reach. However, there are times when this tip is forgotten so it's best to instill some form of preventive discipline in your new puppy. If you ever see your dog chew on something inappropriate, take it away from him immediately with a stern "NO!" command. Another great technique is to growl at the recalcitrant pup with a deep, guttural sound, and I really mean deep. This should warn the puppy you mean business. Do not engage him in a friendly tug and pull game. It will only think it's fun and continue it's habit. Do not chase your dog around or else it'll think you're trying to have fun with him. One way of shooing him away from his target is to throw a magazine near him enough to frighten him away from it's intended target. This should be followed with a stern "NO!" as you pick up the magazine and your shoe. Do not leave your magazine lying on the ground as you do this or else it'll think it's a game.

Always try to have the proper chew toys for dogs around, especially those that squeak. Just remember that puppy or dog needs to chew as part of it's natural development. With patience and consistency, most dogs will break out of this habit soon enough.


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