No matter how much we might enjoy our pet jumping up to greet us, there are many people who dislike having a strange dog coming up and jumping on them.

For many people it can be a frightening experience as not everyone is a dog lover.

Besides that, many people just don't want dirty paw marks over their clothing.

It can also create major problems if a large dog were to jump up on a child or an elderly person.

Dogs will generally jump up on people because they are overly excited and pleased to see them - even if that person is a stranger.

Many people inadvertently encourage this behavior by rewarding the dog with attention after the dog has jumped up on them.
The dog then seeks similar reward from other people whether they like it or not.

This is detrimental to the proper training of the dog and all members of the family must realize that they're doing more harm than good by encouraging their dog to jump up on people.

Consistency is important in all forms of dog training, where members of the dog's family will need to exercise discipline and accept that training will be all the more difficult if the dog is allowed to continue with this behavior.

Failure to do so will lead to confusion with the pet not knowing what is right or wrong.

An alternative to having your dog jump up on you and other people is to teach it to sit and lift it's paw when greeting you for a handshake or similar tricks where the dog will be rewarded with attention.


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