From bodacious bombshell Pamela Anderson posing for a vegetarian campaign to Taraji P. Henson baring it all and even gaining the support of music legend Paul McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres and New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals communications manager Michelle Cho has worked with some of our favorite athletes and celebrity figures for the advocacy of animal rights.

Cho sits down with to discuss a few of her most memorable moments stomping with the big dogs. “There’re so many different industries where people have fans in the world of sports, all genres of music, acting. And that’s where we flock to,” she says. “We look for the most influential ones and more than likely that person has a dog, grew up with pets or has a passion for being anti-fur. So we find and solicit the people that we know have animal sympathies and it usually turns out to be a great fit…It has been a pleasure working so many people,” she says.

wakaWaka Flocka Flame
Billboard chart-topping Warner Bros. recording rap artist who worked with PETA on two separate advertising campaigns

“When I met with him and spoke with Waka, I immediately knew he had a huge heart for animals. He is tatted from head to toe so he was a perfect fit for our ‘Ink Not Mink’ campaign. And to find out he was adamantly against wearing fur, it was just a perfect fit…He was more than happy to do what it takes to raise more awareness and hopefully encourage people in his fan base and beyond to fake it for the animal’s  sake. If you enjoy the look of fur, you don’t need to kill to have a look that kills. “Waka totally wasn't the biggest fan of cats but as soon as he put a kitten in his lap, he melted. It was the cutest thing I ever saw.”

Birdman1Chris “Birdman” Andersen
Six-foot-10-inch center/power forward for the Denver Nuggests who participated in PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” campaign

“That was an amazing shoot. I’m 5’2 and he towers at like 7’6 or something (laughs). That was a lot of fun; we actually shot that in Denver in an airplane hangar. It was a gorgeous location and he was a pleasure to work with. He was so funny.”




simmonspetaRussell Simmons

Co-founder of pioneering hip hop label Def Jam, creator of fashion lines PhatFarm, and Argyleculture, philanthropist

“He’s one of our biggest supporters. He’s like the man of the day, every day. He influences my life with his inspirational words that he lives by. He’s a wonderful example for everyone to follow. He’s a longtime vegan.”