Miley Cyrus is one hell of a dog lover and the 20-year-old singer can go to any length to love her prized possessions. The "Wrecking Ball" singer has five dogs of different breeds and she has gifted her pooches a set of new wheels!

Her pets Happy, Bean, Floyd, Mary Jane and Penny Lane are now the official owners of a Range Rover Sports car and Miley loves to take all of them in this car. However the successful singer herself bought a white Maserati Quattroporte and a red Porsche Cayenne, a source revealed to the Daily Star newspaper.

"The dogs are banned from her cars, but they basically own the Range Rover," the source revealed.

"They're free to jump around, leave their hairs over it, scratch it and have their blankets in there. Miley even joked that if she dies the Range Rover will go to them," he added.

Miley is a thorough dog lover and loves to have them around her house. The "We Can't Stop" singer has recently been battling a cold and fever and her constant companions in her LA home have been her pet dogs, who are seen kissing the singer and lying on her bed in the pictures she shares on her Instagram page.

"I love the way she kiss my neck," Miley wrote on Instagram about one of her dogs and posted a picture.

"Floyd makes it not so bad being sick on my favorite day of the week. I love when he licks my ear it makes me laughhh," Miley wrote in another picture referring to Floyd - her dog.

The controversy queen is so besotted with her pooches that when one of them died she was in tears. While everyone was of the view that Miley was missing her former beau and ex-boyfriend "The Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth when she was seen crying in the latest video of "Wrecking Ball", it was just the opposite. The singer told the Rolling stone magazine in an interview that she cried in the video because one of her dog died!

Miley also reportedly wanted a pre-nuptial agreement with her then fiancé Liam Hemsworth to keep custody of her dogs. She even started a picture-posting competition on Instagram where she asked her fans to post pictures of their pets.


Source: Au.ibtimes